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Building a better brand for The Boutique Workplace Company 

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A comprehensive brand overhaul, bringing The Boutique Workplace Company’s look and feel in-line with their purpose and vision. 

The challenge 

To help The Boutique Workplace Company, a flexible serviced office operator with 30+ workplaces across the UK, undergo a rebrand that increases how compellingly, consistently, and competitively they operate in their crowded market.   

The outcome 

A cohesive and compelling visual identity that matches The Boutique Workplace Company’s values, supported with a comprehensive brand playbook that ensures consistency in brand presentation is easier to achieve going forward. 

The results 

The new brand rollout was identified by The Boutique Workplace Company as a major contributor to the success of a 22% price increase per desk across their portfolio. Direct leads to the website have also tripled, rising to 70 per month.  

Our process 

Acknowledging Spaces to Places’ existing understanding of the challenges facing their brand, and our expertise in the flexible workplace sector, The Boutique Workplace company appointed us to lead their rebrand.  

The Boutique Workplace company selected us to spearhead their rebranding initiative, taking into account Spaces to Places’ existing comprehension of the obstacles their brand faces and our proficiency in the flexible workplace industry. 

Three key desired outcomes acted as the guiding light for the project: a brand identity that told a compelling story, helped The Boutique Workplace Company to stand out in their market, and could be consistently upheld. 


To commence the rebranding process for The Boutique Workplace Company, we conducted both internal and external research. Our external research entailed evaluating the market in which the company operates, analysing the client sectors, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of top competitors’ brands. This comprehensive assessment enabled us to gain a solid understanding of how The Boutique Workplace Company could differentiate itself by leveraging unique brand strengths in its new identity. 

In addition, we conducted mystery shopping to gain in-depth knowledge of each of The Boutique Workplace Company’s services and locations. Since their portfolio comprises various period properties, each with its distinct personality, we recognised the diversity in property styles as a significant advantage and incorporated it into our branding. 

Brand design and rollout 

With the boutique nature of workplaces in The Boutique Workplace Company’s portfolio established as the centre-point of the rebrand, we moved on to work on designing initial brand assets. Since they were already happy with their logo, we focused our efforts on creating a design language for web, social, and print assets that highlights The Boutique Workplace Company’s identity.  

This materialised in a series of key design elements that would perpetuate a consistent brand image across mediums. Most notable among them was our idea for a set of unique graphic templates in the style of workplace floorplans. These were designed to be used dynamically, functioning as image windows, page elements, testimonial boxes, and more.  

We also redesigned the workplace pages that make up the bulk of The Boutique Workplace Company website footprint to facilitate content that more successfully explained the uniqueness of each property.  

The new brand assets were rolled out across the website, new print materials including brochures for each property, social media content plans, and more.  

Brand playbook production 

With the new brand assets rolled out and The Boutique Workplace Company’s visual identity satisfyingly consistent across diverse mediums, we wanted to ensure they would be able to maintain the brand long into the future, even as their portfolio expanded. 

To help with this, we put together a comprehensive brand playbook that provided detailed guidance on the fundamental principles that underpinned the new brand identity. Containing instructions on typefaces, floorplan element proportions, messaging tone of voice, and more, it acts as a ‘brand bible’ that allows anybody working on the brand in future to ensure cohesion with the existing elements. 

The Spaces to Places method 

Our method in branding projects like this one for The Boutique Workplace Company revolve around achieving tangible outcomes. In this case, we managed to create a new brand identity that was compelling enough to give The Boutique Workplace company an edge over competitors, allowing them to raise their desk price by 22%. 

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