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Uncover critical insights that guide your flexspace strategy, giving you the intelligence you need to optimise or grow your portfolio with confidence.

Maintain a competitive edge by leveraging the power of data

Whether you’re a new operator searching for the best location for your first workplace or an established brand seeking new insights about your customers, data is a key viability indicator. The insights available through analysis of your target locations, addressable audience, or the market in general can be instrumental in steering strategy. They give you the chance to discover new opportunities and capture them before anybody else.

Spaces to Places research services are designed to equip you with the information you need to increase your impact in the flexspace market. Making use of market-leading data platforms, innovative research techniques, and our vast experience in the commercial property sector, we can uncover transformative insights that put you ahead of the pack. Make the most of your market position by following the data to take your next steps forward.

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Flex sector analysis

Get a fresh perspective on your local flexspace market, and the opportunities it holds, through a data-driven analysis of market forces, dynamics, and trends. Make your next move with confidence.

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Location planning

Uncover the important details behind target cities or regions to guide your locational strategy and ensure that every element of your expansion plan is optimised for success.

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Customer insights

Build your understanding of what makes your customers tick with deep-diving research into their motivations, needs, and preferences. Learn how you can better serve the people who matter most.

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