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Content, PR, and social media

Spread the word about your workplace, build a loyal following, and convert your audience into occupiers with well-targeted content.

Demonstrate your value to your target audience with bespoke content strategies

Your audience is out there, but you can’t reach them without content. From in-depth guides to straight-forward social media posts, promoting the right messages through the right channels is your best way of connecting and engaging with potential occupiers. Good content informs, educates, and persuades. It helps you to position your flexspace brand as the solution to your audience’s problems and build a reputation for trustworthiness and authority.

Your brand has a unique story to tell. Spaces to Places content production and social media management services are designed to find it. We take an individualised approach, creating comprehensive content plans that are built specifically to meet your objectives. Whether that’s generating more engagement on social media or addressing common customer objections in well-researched articles. We know how to produce content that makes a difference, and can put it in front of the eyes that matter most.

The Spaces to Places process

Strategic content planning

Our content production process always begins with strategic thought. We work to establish core objectives that all content will serve and put together a plan that covers the production and sharing schedule. Throughout the process, we consider how different forms of content can work together to improve the overall impact of the campaign.

Content production

The Spaces to Places team gets to work on content production, with copywriting, graphic design, and videography all handled internally. Our content production process revolves around the set objectives of the campaign – each piece is carefully crafted to achieve a specific aim.

Sharing and amplification

The finished content is delivered through the right medium and platform to reach your target audience. We make use of diverse distribution methods to make sure we can maximise coverage. Where different pieces of content can work together, we establish micro-funnels with multiple touchpoints. We can also amplify reach with promotion tools on certain platforms.

Reach diverse audiences through mediums that suit you

Social media

Creating and sharing content on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter puts you in front of the biggest audience possible. Drive engagement and build a following with the help of our social media experts.

Articles and guides

Share advice, disseminate important news, and build interest at the top of the funnel with sophisticated content for your own website. Thoroughly researched, written by sector experts, and deployed strategically to meet your objectives.

PR and guest posts

Reach brand new audiences with content coverage on external sites that attract your ideal occupiers. Show readers what they’re missing and direct traffic back to your own website for conversion.

Reputation management

Your online reputation precedes your brand actually making contact with a potential customer. People increasingly look to online review platforms to assess how suitable a workplace brand is for them. We can manage your online reputation by monitoring and optimising review profiles.


Imagery is essential to a strong brand presence, especially in the flexspace sector. We help guide your approach to brand and workplace photography to ensure you’re showing your offering in the best light across your website, social media, brochures, and more.


When images don’t go far enough to show off what makes your workplace special, videos add extra value. We can coordinate and manage videography projects, generating powerful branded assets that you can roll out across your website, social platforms, and more.

Brochure creation

A refined brochure is the perfect way to broadcast your space’s qualities. We can create one from scratch or support you in the process. Working on words, imagery, design, and printing, we apply our expertise to make sure you get the best return on your investment.

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