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Understand your occupiers’ changing needs to boost retention

Learn from the people who matter most through direct customer insights designed to steer your office portfolio strategy. Learn who your customers are and what they want to maximise retention and revenue.

Look after your customers and your portfolio looks after itself

Your occupiers’ needs and preferences change over time. No matter how well-established your portfolio is, fail to meet customer expectations and you’ll continually lose market share. Keeping up with who they are and what they want is how you stay a step ahead, decreasing customer churn and maximising occupancy across your portfolio. Customer insights can transform how you operate, guiding placemaking and marketing.

We can deploy a range of research methods to help you refresh or deepen your understanding of your customers. The voice of customer data we collect gives you clarity on the personas you serve, making it easier than ever to meet their distinct needs. It feeds directly into your strategy, helping you to make more informed choices about the scope of your flex offering, pricing structure, amenities, expansion opportunities, marketing approaches, and more.

Customer research angles

Target market analysis

Get a thorough demographic analysis of your target market to uncover details that help you understand what they want from a workplace and how you can reach them through marketing. Give yourself the knowledge needed to make your office portfolio more relevant to their needs, and discover new audience segments who are perfect-fit occupiers.

Customer insights

Understand your current customer base by sector, size, and location to get a better idea of who you serve. Analyse historical data to compare workplaces across your portfolio and identify trends. Discover what your customers think about your workplaces through primary research oriented to deliver information that shapes how you develop your offering, now and into the future.

Mystery shopping

Learn how people truly experience your workplace with mystery shopper visits. Our research covers everything from testing systems and processes to benchmarking against competitors or checking the consistency of service across your portfolio. You tell us what you want to find out and we’ll send in the perfect person to carry out the research, resulting in a report full of insights.

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