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Find new purpose and refine your office portfolio

Capitalise on your established market position by updating your brand to better suit the market. Reposition or reinvent your purpose, values, and visual identity to future-proof your business and avoid losing ground.

Maintain your market power and boost your relevance with flex

No matter how big your portfolio or well-established your market presence, the market can always move on from you. If your office brand identity gets tired, falling out of relevance and losing its appeal to your audience, you risk losing market share and falling behind competitors. As the market grows, you should be growing with it. Repositioning to focus on a more flexible offering, or reinventing your brand entirely, gives you the opportunity to do exactly that.

Working from the ground up, beginning with reconsidering your positioning strategy and objectives, we can tackle the rebranding process end-to-end. We can help you discover and define your brand’s values and purpose, develop a new visual identity better suited to your established market presence, and create branding guidelines that help you to maintain consistency. As a result, you’ll be able to re-launch with a fresh perspective ready to tackle the challenges ahead, continue to grow or optimize your portfolio of workplaces, and drive forward the future of work.

The Spaces to Places process


We start branding projects with deep-dive research into your target audience and the dynamics of the market you operate in. The insights we uncover at this stage are instrumental in guiding strategy, telling us where your existing branding hits and where it misses.



Brand strategy revolves around the core pillars of identity and messaging. The first is what your brand exists for, the second is how you communicate that to customers. We strategise for both, generating a comprehensive branding plan that helps you to stand out in your market.


The best brands are cohesive and consistent. With the strategy decided, we can get to work on creating brand assets, guidelines, and core statements that represent your new identity flawlessly. The Spaces to Places team includes designers and writers who can handle this process end-to-end.


Finally, we can roll your new branding identity out across your operations. This may involve updating your website, social media profiles, print marketing assets, and even your workplaces themselves. The result is dramatic – a new broad-based identity that can’t help but impress.

How we create an impactful brand

Target audience identification

Who you serve determines who you are. We can apply our research skills and access to critical data streams to create audience personas. Summarising the people who make up your target market, these personas act as the guiding light throughout the branding process. When you know what your market wants or needs, you’re a step closer to being able to offer it.

Brand statements and guidelines

Vision, purpose, and values underpin branding. They’re the cornerstone around which an entire strategy can be built. We can identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses and create statements that concisely summarise who you are, and what you exist to achieve. Brand guideline documents help you to uphold those concepts across all of your assets.

Visual identity

Logos, brand colours, typefaces, and other visual elements are critical in branding. They signal what your brand is about before your audience reads a word you’ve written. Getting your visual identity right means that there is a single thread tying together all parts of your operation. From your logo to the style of your workspaces, we can create a cohesive visual identity for you.

Messaging strategy

How you communicate your brand values and purpose to your customers is the final piece of the puzzle. To achieve full resonance with your customers and demonstrate that you’re the right brand for them, your messaging needs to be tailored to their needs. We can generate on-brand messaging concepts, including taglines, that you can use wherever you’d like.

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