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Grow quicker with full-service flexspace marketing

Scale occupancy in your existing workplaces and build a loyal customer base for your new locations with marketing management designed for expanding operators.

Don’t let your growth stall – continue to capture interest in the market and scale revenue

As your flexspace or coworking brand expands and you begin to grow your network of locations, taking your foot off the marketing pedal is the last thing to do. A continued focus on marketing throughout expansion doesn’t just help you to attract occupiers to your new workplaces, it can also strengthen your brand as a whole.

But managing marketing cohesively across a growing portfolio isn’t easy to keep up with, especially as you deal with your own operational headaches. Our full-service marketing management service is designed specifically to help. We can take on full control of marketing activities, creating a bespoke integrated campaign that helps you to achieve your unique growth objectives. Leveraging our expertise to combine diverse channels, we can take your flexspace brand to the next level.

The Spaces to Places process


We get to know your flexspace or coworking brand and target audience. We review your past marketing results and collaborate on establishing new KPIs designed to meet your unique objectives. A bespoke marketing strategy is formulated, combining a range of high-impact channels. Fresh creative assets, content, and messaging are produced.

Campaign management

The campaign is launched. All of the chosen channels are deployed strategically to seek the greatest return on spend, focused on achieving the established KPIs. We manage things entirely, leaving you free to focus on what really matters – making sure your workplaces are offering occupiers the best possible experience.


Detailed monthly reports keep you in the loop, with easy-to-understand metrics showing you how the campaign is working towards your objectives. Regular calls offer the opportunity to talk through performance in more detail. We continually tweak our approach based on data, striving for the most efficient campaign structure.

Integrated multi-channel marketing campaigns


Broad-based SEO work, designed to make your website an organic powerhouse and attract occupiers directly from Google searches. Conversion-focused UX improvements to make the most of your website traffic.

Social media

Organic social media efforts across platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google My Business. Designed to help you build an engaged community, grow your brand’s name, and convert your audience.

Ad campaigns

Hyper-targeted search, display, or affiliate PPC campaigns, perfect for securing occupiers quickly or generating consistent demand for recurring services. Off-line advertising including print, radio, and sponsorship to further boost your reach.

Direct marketing

Mail-drops, social media outreach, cold emails, reactivation campaigns, and newsletters. All formulated to transform your contacts into leads with targeted content deployed to the right people at the right time.

Community management

PR, review drives, referral incentives, word-of-mouth strategies, and tactical partnerships designed to engage and grow your audience. Make the most of the community you already have and expand it with new activities.


Signage, brochures, and flyers that can turn your workplace into your most effective remarketing tool. Carefully-crafted events that build interest, attract new audiences, and ultimately lead to your occupier base growing.


Expert CRM database management to maintain data accuracy and make the most of the customers you already have. Effective segmentation that gives you distinct audience sub-groups to target with tailored messaging.


Full management of your broker relationships, including finding new opportunities, creating and managing impactful online listings, dispersing relevant and effective content, and funnelling leads to the right place.

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