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Preserve your competitive edge with critical flex sector insights

Stay tuned in to changes in the market landscape, uncover new opportunities, and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio. Stay a step ahead and inform future strategy with deep-dive research.

Flexspace data to help established operators make better decisions

The larger your network of flexible workspaces, the more important it is to stay on top of developments in the sector. From reviewing the state of competition in your local markets to analysing the strengths and weaknesses within your portfolio, the right data can highlight potential threats, help you maximise occupancy rates, and uncover optimal expansion opportunities. This is instrumental in ensuring you stay competitive and continue to grow in the right direction.

We combine data from industry-leading third-party sources with the insights we get from our own primary methods to give you incisive insights into the flexspace market. As a result, you can make strategic decisions based on fact, rather than opinion, leading to improved results as you expand, reposition, or optimise your portfolio. Our research doesn’t just inform – it guides the path to a more efficient, profitable, and resilient future.

Reports that make a difference

Market dynamics

Refresh your knowledge with an independent viewpoint on what makes the market tick. Deep dive into the data surrounding demand, demographics, business models, and workplace types in your target area.


Competitor analysis

Get an overview of supply, benchmark your brand against the competition, uncover the strengths and weaknesses of key players, and see what you can learn from their successes and failures.

Pitch score

Review and rank the amenities, connectivity, and micro-location factors of a specific site or your entire portfolio against a benchmark to understand your competitiveness.

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